If you love to draw, build and create, becoming a professional visual artist probably sounds like a dream job. Sharing your work by selling or exhibiting can be a satisfying source of income and an exciting mode of idea sharing.

Music Industry

If you’re dedicated and passionate about music and want to make it your career, you’re in luck – it’s never been easier to become a professional musician. Thanks to the internet, you can produce and distribute your…


Writing stories and communicating information with words is one of the oldest, and perhaps most resilient jobs there is. The possibilities are endless: whether you want to write romance, action, comedy…

Film / TV

Whether you want to write, direct or act in the film and TV industry, you’ll find opportunities here on P.E.I. and across Canada. It can be challenging to find work in others’ productions, however there are many tools…


If you like to move your body, there is no form of expression like dance. It can be fun and simple, but also complex and incredibly technical. From ballet to bollywood, hip hop to contemporary…


If the stage is calling you, you’ve no doubt dreamt of working in the theatre. Whether you’re in front of the lights or behind the scenes, there are many opportunities to make a living creating and staging productions. At any given time and…

Video Game Industry

It’s one of the entertainment world’s newest fields, but in just a few decades video games have become one of the largest industries in the world…


From weaving to pottery, woodworking to jewellery making, the craft world is a diverse and dynamic place. If you love working with your hands and creating something tangible…

Words of Wisdom

It’s a fabulous job, it’s so much fun. As long as you’re patient and willing to put the work in, it’s incredibly satisfying and joyful.

Patti LarsenAuthor

If you’re passionate and you’re creative, then that’s the industry for you…PEI, you’re spoiled for choice in terms of the best places in Canada to get a start in the industry.

Andy RobertsGame Designer

The opportunities that I’ve had on P.E.I. have been amazing. Just knowing that there are people people watching fills me up with sparks. You can’t describe the high that comes with being on the stage.

Rebecca ParentActor & Theatre Professional

The combination of commitment and enthusiasm…of saying I want to do this, I’m here and I mean it, won’t be pushed away. You’ll be welcomed!

Cheryl WagnerPuppeteer and TV Producer

I think especially on PEI, we are blessed in this community…We’re not just another number, there is a community here that comes to recognize us, so take advantage of that.

Peggy ReddinDancer & Dance Teacher

I have a pretty cool job. I get to colour and draw and play and have fun and get paid for it…If someone tells you you can’t do it just paint your face and go dance somewhere, you’ll be fine.

Becka ViauVisual Artist

Take that path and see where it leads because, if it works out, which often it does, it’s a pretty fulfilling way to spend the rest of your life.

Colin BuchananMusician, Paper Lions

It can be a really fulfilling and creative life. It’s super encouraging. There’s a lot of room for creative entrepreneurship and artistic entrepreneurship, especially here on PEI.

Rilla MarshallArtisan